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Renesans Investment Company is your guide and consultant specializing in the organization of investments in Poland, legal assistance when buying properties in Warsaw and opening accounts in Polish banks by the citizens of CIS. With our years of experience and excellent knowledge of the real estate market in Poland, we will help you to make the right choice when buying a property, which will constitute a beneficial financial investment or a cozy home in the EU for your family.
When preparing an offer, we take into account not only your wishes, but also provide you with all the objective and true information regarding given investment, we analyze the profitability and liquidity of facilities, and we also help in determining the actual market price that we fight for especially for you. Thanks to our authority on the Polish market, stable cooperation and trusted relationships with the best Polish companies, you receive the guarantee of high-quality investment. Renesans Investment Company guarantees its clients with full confidentiality. Your comfort and confidence of the right choice are important for us.

Our services

Renesans Investment offers its clients a range of services in the operations related to the property purchasing in Poland by the citizens of CIS, as well as after-sales services. Our services are addressed to independent persons for whom it is important to achieve the desired effects and high quality service without wasting a time
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Implementation stages

Stage I. Selecting the property

Within 3 to 7 working days from the beginning of cooperation (approving the terms of agreements and deposits), the Company selects the facilities in accordance with your suggestions and provides you with the presentation meeting the specified criteria

Stage II. Watching the property

Within 1 to 3 working days, the Company arranges Client’s visit to Warsaw (airport transfer, hotel reservation, transportation) in order to watch the selected facilities. Such a trip lasts from 1 to 3 working days

Stage III. Purchasing a property & Finalization

The procedure of purchasing a property is implemented within 10 to 20 working days. It covers. Preparation of the purchase offer. Agreeing and signing the preliminary agreement which will contain all the basic terms of the transaction and paying a deposit amounting to 10% of the value of the selected facility. Signing a purchase agreement, then paying the remaining 90%, the related taxes and registering the property ownership rights to the new owner.



Membership in the European Union

There are many factors that make properties in Poland a very attractive asset. Geographical location of Poland allows for seamless control over the investment. Polish law, unlike the law of many other European Union countries, is quite liberal when it comes to the purchase of apartments by non-residents.\r\nMembership in the European Union creates a solid foundation and predictability of the direction of future development of Poland, hence the growing interest of investors in the Polish real estate market, which is located in the center of this region, should not be surprising.

A high percentage of profit

Warsaw has been and still is a natural choice of investors investing funds in the construction of residential and commercial properties – each year the number of residents of the capital increases by 100,000 people. The inflow of direct foreign investments to Poland is influenced by, when compared to other EU countries, low cost of a property, low rental prices, a relatively high percentage of the profits on invested capital and a low amount of the first installment.

Polish economy

According to the assessment of global experts, the inflation rate, administrative costs and taxes remain at a low level. The country is politically stable, loans are relatively accessible, the role of Poland in the EU is growing and tourism flourishes. Even when leaving aside the convincing arguments on the state of Polish economy, one can see that the social and political situation in the region alone is conducive to acquiring larger amount of real estate investments in the country.


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